10 March 2010

The Process of Creating: Feather Pens

So the other day, I had a new idea. An improvement on feather pens. You know the kind of feather pens you see nowadays that are basically an ink pen with a feather attached. Those are all fine and dandy, but the majority of them just look too girly... Too many pastel colors and ribbons. Yeah. Not for me.

I had a length of wire sitting around on my desk next to my sewing machine that I had saved because I didn't want to waste it. Then the idea clicked... Wire wrap the feathers onto the pen!
I tried it. And it looked pretty classy, I must say. My mom liked the idea when I showed her the ostrich feather pen I had created. She wanted to buy it from me, even. Interestingly, she didn't like the peacock feather pen I made next. She thought it looked too unique. But when I put the feather pens on Etsy, the first one to sell was my peacock feather pen!

I also have made an inkwell made out of a small lightbulb that's just perfect with these pens. I made it the same way I make the lightbulb vases here.

Lately, I've added a touch of super glue to these pens to insure the feathers stay exactly where I want them.

Also, one of the great things about my feather pens is that they're easily refillable if they run out of ink! I use Pilot G-2 07 pens and you can buy ink refills at Walmart. So they're eco-friendly as well as classy!


  1. I enjoyed reading this :) I made flower pens awhile ago (but that was mainly to get the rest of the males in my office to stop stealing all of my pens - I was going through a box or 2 a week before I made a box of flower ones). I really like the peacock feather ones!

  2. Aw, thanks!
    Bahaha, yeah, they are certainly effective for that (except when you have an eccentric fellow around the office).
    I'm glad you like the peacock feather ones! I'm enjoying the fact that they're the most popular ones, it seems, when my mom thought they wouldn't do well! Nothing against her, of course. I just like proving her wrong with this sort of thing. ;)