30 March 2010

Every day. Except Sundays...

Pretty amazing how God works.
I asked for at least a sale a day while I'm in school (I figured it would be easy enough to deal with since I'm fairly busy anyway).
As soon as I asked... I started making at least one sale per day. Sometimes two. I made three on my birthday, actually.
And I did make a sale the first Sunday. But the second and third Sundays I haven't.
"'tis the sabbath," my friend Leesha says.
She could be right, though. >.>
Wouldn't surprise me. Haha.
But let's hope for a sale a day to continue. And I'm going to be asking for two sales a day soon enough. (I want to be able to eventually shorten my day job hours to 1-2 hours a day.)
So here's to lots of sales! :D

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