08 March 2010

I guess I'll start calling these posts "blog features"

Say! Another blog feature!! It's so exciting when people do this. :)
This one was by a woman in Brazil named Renata. She also featured my lightbulb vase along with two other nifty recycling ideas.

And here's a screenshot! :D

WARNING: It is written in Portuguese. I was able to more or less understand it from my knowledge of Spanish, but for anyone who can't, the description sentence reads (more or less)
"Some creative ideas for reusing that can give your house renewed decor."


  1. Hello Star

    I can see you understand some portuguese!
    Thanks again for the great lightbulb idea!
    Green kisses!

  2. Aha!!
    I was right in my original assumptions.. I thought it was Portuguese at first, but the whole Brazil thing confused me. Haha.
    I shall amend my post!