18 March 2010

In other news...

Well, I did make a sale yesterday. It was the first lightbulb fishbowl I've sold. Packed it up and shipped it today. Now just waiting for the next sale... I'm hoping for one at some point today.

Today is my birthday. I'm eighteen.. A legal adult.
And instead of not feeling eighteen, I feel like I've always been eighteen. It's a "FINALLY" sort of feeling.
But today I'm not feeling very happy, for some reason...
Just a little down.
Even though several people (especially via Facebook) have wished me a happy birthday, and my math class sang happy birthday to me. My Dad texted me from work this morning. My best friend Daly sent me a nice happy birthday message, too.

But I've not felt that great since sometime this morning...
I hope the day gets better. I've really no reason to be sad.

Oh, also, I've not felt like eating (I think that sometimes happens when I feel down). I have been hungry. My stomach has made hunger noises. But I skipped lunch.
Still don't feel like eating.
We'll see how it goes. I'll be going to my grandmother's house tonight and I expect we'll be eating. Haha.
So hopefully I'll feel like eating then...


  1. Aw, thanks. :)
    I am feeling much better, by the way. :)

  2. maybe you're feeling down because you kill fish.

    also, no one cares about your eating habits