12 March 2010

I'm learning...

"If you make it, they will come."

So I've started to notice a trend here.
I didn't sell two lightbulb vases to the same person in Australia until I had a box big enough to accommodate both vases.
I didn't sell vases two days in a row until I had ordered and received a shipment of appropriately sized cardboard boxes.
I only sold one inkwell when I had an extra inkwell made and ready to go.
I didn't get an international order until I was ready with the customs forms.

So... Every time I take a step of faith and order boxes to ship stuff that I haven't sold, or make a few extra lightbulb vases, or get customs forms, I'll make a sell that has to do directly with what I got/made in faith.

Today, after realizing this, I ordered some small boxes just for my bracelets, earrings, and necklaces I make. I also ordered some boxes long enough to accommodate the length of my pheasant feather pens. I even got some lightbulbs in the beginning stages of being transformed into vases and inkwells.

Let the sales begin.

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