13 May 2010


So the neat thing about this idea is you get to see the beginning stages.

The idea: Pants created from skirts (whether second hand, vintage, or otherwise).

My inspiration was from The King and I. The men in the movie wore awesome pants, so while watching it, my mind went to work on how they were made.
I concluded that they are basically skirts. The front hem tucked into the back waistband.
Like so:

If you notice, they look like your traditional style of harem pants from the front.
I think he may have pulled some of the fabric up to the front waistband to create that flow look.

Pay close attention to the bottom hem in these two pictures.

See how it is wrapped between the legs and is tucked in the waistband? The hem certainly suggests so.

After the movie was over, I immediately went to my cedar wardrobe and took out any skirts with potential. One worked perfectly. Of course, I did not achieve the exact same look. I would need a skirt with a wider bottom hem. But I can definitely see that it works from my experiments. Here are a few pictures:

I've worn these pants twice and got compliments both times!
I am finding, though, that something to hold the hems in place (the one inside and the one tucked into the waistband) would be nice. I have to periodically adjust them so that the pant legs are even.
But other than that, they're great! I love them!

What do you guys think? :)


  1. This is awesome! Great pictures ;)
    they look super comfy too


  2. yes - it works!! great redoux of a great idea - also, check out the movie "the color purple" - whoopie goldberg's character (near the end of the movie) starts her own business and makes similar pants (for men & women) - it is, simply, a skirt pulled up in the center to form pants!! good luck!