10 May 2010

I need a brain-hurricane.

After a while of making the same thing, I get bored with it. It doesn't take very long, either.
And after I've been bored with something for a while, if I continue to create it, I will come to dread it.

So that's when I create something new.

I'm at that point right now.
I need a new idea.
I keep slowly raising my lightbulb prices so that I will get less orders, and those that I do get will be more worth my time, effort, and boredom.

I have a few idea hatchlings.

One is a series of phone/iPod sleeves.
Maybe even play with a Macbook sleeve idea.

Recently, I had an idea for turning skirts into cool pants (kind of like the style of "harem pants," but think more of The King and I).
Only problem is that only certain skirts will work with this idea, and where I live, those kinds of skirts (and related clothing, for that matter) are rather scarce.

Another idea is sandals. I want to make myself a pair of really neat sandals with leather straps and tire tread for the soles.
If I manage to perfect the design, I could make them to sell.

I still like the bookbinding idea for journals and sketchbooks. I had fun with the two that I bound. Only problem is, I have been so busy lately, I have forgotten to purchase the proper supplies (online, since my town doesn't have any neat craft stores like Joann's Fabrics and Crafts or Michael's or A.C. Moore or ANYTHING). So we'll see if that idea ever becomes anything great.

Any of you got any ideas? I am open to anything. :)

P.S. A "brain-hurricane" is similar to a brainstorm, only much more forceful and ideaful.

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