14 April 2010

To everything there is a Season...

So this past weekend I took out my dreadlocks.
Yep, that's right.
Combed them out.
All 40 of them.


Well, I have been planning to take them out for a while now (I haven't taken good care of them so they weren't exactly the best dreads I'd ever seen), and this weekend I was staying at my grandmother's house. So it was an opportunity (not to mention I got a good bit of pushing from my grandma (she has always missed my "beautiful" hair ever since I dreaded it)), so with her and my best friend's help, we combed out all my dreads.

It was painful, I admit.
But combing out millions of knots that have been locked for almost 2 years usually is painful.

My hair is now quite long (almost to my waist!). And it needs a bit of conditioning care (it fared the dreadlocks surprisingly well and does not look very damaged at all).
I did trim the edges. I had layers back in the days before I had dreads. I liked how the layers would accentuate my wavy hair. So I created some new layers tonight. It also gives my hair more "body" so I don't have to do anything to it for it to look fine.

Funny thing, some people actually haven't noticed. They may think something is different about me, but can't place it. It's happened at least three times (that I've been told/witnessed).

Well, here are the before and after pictures:

P.S. For the "after" photo, I was showing my best friend the new headband I made yesterday.

So... I guess I'll have to relearn my hair now that it's no longer in dreadlocks!


  1. great before and after pix - your hair's probably relieved to be free again! i'm a writer and artist (jewelry/paper arts/mixed media) and reiki practitioner - haven't had the courage to start an etsy site yet, but soon! thanks for sharing your stuff - enjoying the blog & all your creations - keep it up! TJ Googins