29 April 2010

Then there's Feedback...

I've gotten lots of great feedback. I check my Etsy a few times a day for any new feedback.
I do have three neutral feedbacks, though.
They are always disappointing.

My first neutral feedback was from someone who hadn't gotten their package yet. I had already shipped it (if they had checked Etsy or PayPal, it would've shown up "shipped") and before contacting me, they left some neutral feedback. The next day, they sent me a message about it, only to send another about 45 minutes later when they got it in the mail. Frustrating, no?

Second one was because something took too long to be shipped. I do have on my shop announcement (and now in my "message to buyer") that it may be as many as 10 business days before their order will be shipped. Maybe they didn't notice it?
I have a busy life. My main time for Etsy stuff is in the evening after supper and before bed. Not a lot of time there. I'd love to ship everything out sooner, but sometimes, I just can't.

My third neutral feedback was from someone who hadn't paid for their order yet. They bought something a two days prior and when I saw that they hadn't paid (I usually wait about 12 hours before saying something), I contacted them letting them know that I would not be able to ship their order until it was paid for.
The next day I notice a neutral feedback that said, (more or less) "Hi, still trying to get the hang of this whole paying thing... Can't wait to receive my fishbowl!"
That one was very frustrating.
Obviously the person is simply inexperienced(they could've just replied to my message and avoided the whole thing!). But it makes me look bad to have neutral feedback.

In every late (or potentially late) shipment, I include a little note to the buyer on a 3x5 notecard with a personal message about how sorry I am that it's late and whatnot.
I hope that'll help keep me from getting a lot of neutral or negative feedback.

Also, you know the people who send messages telling you how great your product is and how much they love it? I wish they would leave me feedback as well.

*sigh* Feedbacks...

NEWS: Etsy has just come out with this new feature called "Kiss and make up?" for neutral (and negative?) feedback! Wonderful. :)

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